Details That You Need To Know About Viagra

Viagra is the brand of Sildenafil which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction especially in men. It acts by relaxing the body veins especially within the reproductive system. This increases blood flow to the male organ thus causing and maintaining the erection required to engage in intercourse.

It must be noted that erection is an activity which is coordinated by the mind and not the sexual organ. This medication will therefore work best if it is combined with other acts (touching, kissing, love stories, watching adult movies*, etc) aimed at setting the mind to sexual activity. This is the reason why it is highly recommended that any person suffering from ED should talk about the problem with his partner.

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If the other partner knows about the erectile dysfunction problem, the couples can work together to seduce and set the mind of the ED patient to sexual activity and this combined with the effects of Viagra medication will work to cause satisfactory erection.

Complaints by one partner about the sexual performance of the other partner will cause the ED patient to have worry about his performance and this will make the erectile dysfunction problem far much worse.

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Warning and precautions

* DO NOT take Viagra with the intention of impressing your sexual partner with performance i.e. if you do not suffer from erectile dysfunction. Viagra should only be taken after prior medical consultation, examination and then viagra by qualified medical practitioner.

* DO NOT take Viagra if you are taking any other medication which contains nitrates because the drugs may adversely interact leading to fatal reduction of your blood pressure. Most nitrates are prescribed for chest pain. Tell your doctor all the other medications you are currently talking before Viagra has been prescribed.

* DO NOT take Viagra without disclosing the same to your sexual partner. Be open enough to tell her that you suffer from erectile dysfunction. Unless combined with other actions (diets, exercises, love stories etc) to improve sexual performance, the body will with time become used to the effects and action of this medication and the ED will be required to take higher dosages of Viagra to get erection. In worst cases, the medication may cause very little or no effect (after prolonged use) making the ED problem worse.

* Viagra has shown very many adverse side effects and should only be taken as the last resort to treat erectile dysfunction and especially only to men aged over 55 years suffering from serious depression, stress, hypertension, diabetes, heart attack or other chronic ailments which affect the normal erection process and mechanism in the body. even in these cases, the patients should begin with a low dosage of 25mg within a period of 48 hours ( doctors can adjust the dosage depending on each individual case of ED)

* DO NOT take subsequent dosage of Viagra unless 24 hours have elapsed since you took the previous dosage. In other words, there must be a period of at last 24 hours between two dosages of Viagra.

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